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The little ones can take their first steps into the world of skiing in “Kinder-Lachtal”, where there is a baby lift, a magic carpet and a mini slalom course. The ski instructors of the Lachtal ski school provide the best support.
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Wildes LachtalWildes Lachtal

“Wildes Lachtal”

The “Wildes Lachtal” adventure trail (it starts at the ski trail at the Kleinlachtalhütte chalet) is a great opportunity for young adventurers to meet various forest animals, such as stags, rabbits, ibexes, fawns, etc.

In summer, the “Wildes Lachtal” area is even bigger and includes an approx. 4 km long course with 19 adventure stations.




Speed track

The speed track is great for when you want to go particularly fast. Your speed is measured on a steep slope. This is an ideal opportunity to take part in a speed contest with friends.
Use of the speed track is free of charge!


Snowboard JumpSnowboard Jump

Jump & Ride

Lachtal offers a stunning, wide terrain for freeriding and lots of natural jumps. Come on and chill out, and enjoy “Kinder-Lachtal” – the smart ski area for all little snowboarding fans.